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About Formula XD

Formula XD is a racing team strategy game in development for PC. You'll take on the role of manager, hiring drivers, negotiating contracts with sponsors and engine suppliers, and making the big decisions necessary to keep your team above water. You'll issue orders to your drivers when they go out onto the track, and be responsible for guiding them to victory or defeat.

It's a game that won't make it easy - you'll start at the bottom and fight your way through a ten-season career, striving to win the Constructors' Championship title, or at least make it to the Wall of Fame.

Game Features

  • Racing circuits set all over the world
  • Loads of drivers, sponsors and engine suppliers
  • Bright, colourful aesthetics
  • Vibrant audio and an energetic synth soundtrack
  • Get hired, buy a team, sell out, switch teams, it's up to you
  • Special abilities and game modifiers shake it up
  • Filled to the brim with puntastic humour

About the Developer

Nicholas Heathfield is the solo indie game developer working full-time on debut project Formula XD, having accidentally shut himself out of all other avenues. He dresses without any sense of style, enjoys complaining about things, and should really get out more.

He's awfully excited about Formula XD on Steam Greenlight, and is not only determined to make it the best game it can be, but also that the game meets its full potential. If you're an indie game publisher, he'd almost certainly like to hear from you.